May 13, 2011 Larry Hart Striper Livelining


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Today we hosted the Larry Hart Charter out for a livelining and bunker chunking trip. We made bait pretty quickly and headed to where a good friend had them the night before but we could not set up where we … Continue reading

July 16, 2010 Ken Davis Gator Bluefish Charter


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On Friday 7/16 NetKeeper Sportfishing hosted the Ken Davis Family & Friends Bluefish Charter. Given the lack of local bluefish, discussed our options and we left the dock at 7am. Turned the hook and headed to 17 in a SE … Continue reading

June 5, 2010 James Deegan Striper Mixed Bag Charter


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On Saturday 6/5 NetKeeper Sportfishing hosted the James Deegan Charter. The original plan was to fish the Hi-Mar and go Trophy Striper hunting and liveline. They guys decided they wanted to target the clam fish instead so we fished locally … Continue reading

May 16, 2010 Megawatt Machine Services Striper Charter


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Had Steve Jones and the Megawatt machine services crew with Carlos Santos, Steven Jones II, Chris Fitzgerald, Mark Osterman & David Gregory. Went right back to the scene of Saturday’s action and put out the trolling gear. With nothing to … Continue reading

May 14, 2010 FCA Manhattan Cup Tournament


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Today we fished the FCA Manhattan Cup Catch and Release Charity Tournament. My mate Dom and I netted Bunker the night before and headed for Chelsea pier early Friday morning. Had a great breakfast and was then introduced to my assigned team, … Continue reading

May 08, 2010 – NJ Hunter Striper-a-thon Tournament


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Had Kevin (bayonne), Peter(pdefabias), Glenn (Cat) and Mike to round out the team for the NJ Hunter Striper-a-thon Tournament on May 8th. Based on the forecast decided to play it safe and stay closer to home and so we fished … Continue reading

May 2, 2010 Insane Striper Fishing & Boat Limit


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Had NetKeeper regulars Hollywood Mike (fishpro28) and Joe out along with mate Dom. Given the forecast, we shoved off at 5:30 with hopes to get the boxes filled early and be back before the wind and seas kicked up. Rounded … Continue reading