Oct 27, 2012 Pre “Sandy” Stripers on the TGTs


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The plan was to haul out today in advance of the storm.Saw there was a window to do some pre “Sandy” fishing so mate Ed and I accompanied by Carl Fischl headed out in search of Stripers. Tried everything today, … Continue reading

June 16, 2012 Jerry Aversano AM Bluefish


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Today hosted Jerry Aversano along with Jerry (dad), Bob (dad), Rob (son), Lori and Tony for a fathers Day Weekend Striper trip. Got an early start an Eddie loaded the well up easily with Bunker. Tried chunking today with the … Continue reading

May 27, 2012 Charles Kuczynski Striper Liveline and Mixed Bag


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Today Charles Kuczynski along his brother Peter, Jeffrey and his father, Bob, Wojciech and Kris joined us for a livelining charter. Peter starts our day walking onto the boat with a Banana. Unaware of the bad juju  this brings, he … Continue reading

May 5 2012, Robert Watson AM Pea Soup Bass and Blues


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Long timer Bobby Watson booked us for a trip to take his client Wenjun fishing. Woke up thinking today I might try going down the beach given yesterday’s bluefish massacre, but the Pea Soup fog and cold wind squashed that … Continue reading

May 04, 2012 Robert Wemmlinger Bass & Blues Season Kick-off


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Today we kicked off our season with the Robert Wemmlinger Charter. The plan today was to head West based on the reports of fish and bait. One throw by Dom and we were quickly done with making bait. Got setup on the anchor … Continue reading