September 16, 2012 Slow Open Boat Fluking

After some weather blowouts, I was eager to get back out today. Had George, Joe and newcomer Vince out for an Open Boat Fluke trip. Great weather, flat ocean, good fisherman, now I just needed the Fluke to cooperate. Thought it was going to be good when the kid led us off with a keeper and George a little later landed a nice fat 6 1/2 lb Fluke. It just never got good for us. Made a bunch of small and some big moves throughout the day with just 5 keepers and shorts to show for it. Despite the slow fishing, the guys worked their rigs and bucktails hard all day. Today I was certainly the bug and I left a big splat on the windshield, then ate a big humble pie afterwards. Tough one to swallow. After a string of boat limits of Fluke all summer, a bad day was inevitable. Wish it hadn’t been today.¬†Sorry Vince that this was your first experience Fluking with us.

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