September 2, 2012 Bumpy Open Boat Fluke Limits

First trip back from vacation. Headed out this morning to a bumpy ocean with Dan, Bill, Joe and his two 14 year old sons for an Open Boat Fluke trip. The fishing started off slow with some keepers and shorts landed. Unfortunately the ocean roll started to take its toll on the family. This bummed me out as the boys were starting to catch some really nice Fluke. With the family all down from Mal de Mar, I pulled the plug and took them back to the dock. In good conscience and for their safety, I could not keep them out for the entire trip. Around 11, Dan, Bill, mate Ed and I headed back out to a slightly flatter ocean. After a little searching I found a good body of fish that we would work for the remainder of the trip.

We had to weed through lots of shorts but eventually ground out our 4 man boat limit of 20 quality keepers to 5lbs. Had to put in a little overtime today, but it was worth it with the fishing drop and reel at times. Caught well over 100 fish today. Thanks guys for the flexibility today. Camera died so had to rely on others for the trip photos.

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