August 18, 2012 Open Boat Fluke Limits to 8lbs

Ran an open Boat Fluke trip today. Arrived at the dock this morning at 5:45 this morning to to feel firsthand that the weatherman was off with forecast and the conditions were worse than predicted. It was blowing hard out of the North East and I had already received reports that it was no picnic down South. Told the guys let’s wait a bit and see if it starts to calm down and as the wind eased, left the dock with George, Joe, Ben, Brian, Dommmm-my and Ed on deck. Finished off the last of the Mai Tai’s last trip,so out came the box of Old Man’s Tackle Box bucktails we had made for us in the off season today. Went to where I thought we would have calmer conditions and good fishing. Spent close to 2 hours with 3 keepers some shorts, plenty of angry birds and some soggy anglers to show for it.

As the conditions calmed a bit it was time for a move. The next spot would put  8 keepers in the box including George’s 8lb (on the boga)  28 1/2 inch doormat. You know when George puts the serious game face on, takes the stance and starts reeling in slow and steady its going to be a good one. He was on fire today and his encore was an additional 6lber and a double limit. I keep telling ya George, the best thing that ever happened to you was breaking the Jets rod. I know I am a hater. Things were now looking up, what was looking like the worst day of Fluking this season now had potential.

Made another move as things slowed down and it was game on instantly with more quality keepers up to 5.5 lbs. Quite a few 20″+ fish caught. We grinded it out  and the guys would just miss a 5 man limit by one fish. All I can really say about the OMT bucktails today is that they contributed to George and Joe teaming up to box 3 limits worth of fish today. The rest of the guys boxed the difference including Ed who added a nice 5.5lb (on the Boga) flatty too. Threw the yard stick into the deck shot for good measure. I have to applaud the guys for toughing out the conditions, working hard all day and putting a quality catch together today. As a result, everyone was rewarded in kind with stuffed bags of filets today.

We found the good fish the week before and the week after the Tournaments. Both catches would have won or  placed. Go figure. Well, there is always next year.

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