August 12, 2012 Leonardo Fluke Tournament Sponsored by

Nick Clemente chartered us to fish the Leonardo Party & Pleasure Boatman’s Association Fluke tournament sponsored by Joined by George, Hollywood Mike, Steve and Andy and Ed in the cockpit, we headed off to where we had them last. Figured with the crew we had my job was going to be easy today, however the fish did not get the memo and were slow to start chewing. It never really turned on anywhere. Fished a lot of spots today running over patches picking and plucking. The flatties made us work for each one today. ¬†Some good fish came unbuttoned on the way up in the swell. Not the lock and load fishing we’ve seen in prior weeks but nonetheless a good haul with many quality fish making their way into the box.

Had to give Mike a mid-day kick (literally) to get him to shake the cobwebs and he eventually boxed a limit. George (is it a short or not) was on a roll, seemed like sitting on the cooler and fishing his Bogan rod was the technique today for catching his limit plus. Steve and Nick combined for limits plus too. Newcomer, Andy worked hard all day too. At the scales a 3 fish combined weight of 14.58 pounds wasn’t going to cut it to hold onto 3rd place for long and it didn’t. Always a great time with these guys.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks again for all the people who made the revival of this tournament possible.

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