August 4th 2011 Leonardo Flukemasters Tournament – Epic Fluking

George Push chartered us for the Leonardo Flukemasters accompanied by Steve, Vinny, Joe and Ed. Fished multiple areas today with all of them holding fish. Non stop drop and reel action with everyone catching and releasing their multiple limits of flatties. Well over 100 fish caught today. All I can say is that it was epic fishing, lock and load at times. The fish were majorly on the chew today. Best I’ve ever seen but nothing that was going to win a tournament. I left a good bite in search of another twice but no matter where we went we just couldn’t better 4-6lb fish. At the scales 25.705 would be our 5 fish average and with about 10 minutes to go, we were sitting in 3rd place. With 2 boats left to weigh we slipped into 4th from the announcement on the tournament radio channel. When the final announcement was broadcast, we were knocked out of the money. Missed placing by 3/4’s of a pound. Ended the day with another boat limit of 30 keepers. Despite not placing, it was a great day of fishing with a great bunch of guys. Congrats to all the winners.

The purpose of these meetings is to see functionality as it is being developed. They are more for the core project team to ensure Cognizant is implementing correctly.

We’ve added a number of interested parties as optional in case they want to see the progress.

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