July 14 2012 Open Boat Fluke Limit / Sandy Hook Bay Anglers Tournament (SHBA)

Today we ran a bring your own bucktails and Gulp deep water open boat Fluke trip. Nick, Joe, George and first timers Alan & son Michael joined Ed and I. On the side both open groups were game for entering the Sandy Hook Bay Anglers Tournament (SHBA) with the intent of being in it if someone caught something worthy of weighing in.

Saw a fleet on a small spot where we initially wanted to go so we headed off to one of our remote spots. Along the way stopped on a wreck where we pulled a few shorts. It was surrounded in pots making it challenging to fish so we left it and moved on. On the grounds the first drift saw some drop and reel fluking. Nick lead off with the Dollar fish for the first keeper. Another 3 keepers to 5lbs would go into the box and at least a dozen shorts going back before the drift was over. By 8:30 the guys had a 3 man limit in the box and by noon their 5 man limit. They would box 7 more fish, 3 shy of a boat limit before it was time to head for home. Limits+ all around the boat.

Hit a lull that turned into a pick during the tide changes but once it started to run, the fish started to chew again. Although it might also be attributed to changing out the Acoustic Mix for the Rocking Mix on the IPOD or maybe it was the Tern who perched himself next to Ed on the bow rail.

Really thought we would find a big fish in the mix but couldn’t better 6lbs so we did not weigh in. Unfortunately day 2, we did not fish with our second open boat crew due to an issue that turned out to be caused a bad spark plug.

All in all 32 keeper fluke, 5 sea bass and a ling sent the guys home with stuffed filet bags. Quite a few near miss fish went back too. A lot of fun a ball busting added to the excitement.


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