July 04, 2012 Open Boat Fluke to 7.5lbs

Ran a last minute Open Boat trip this morning joined by Jim, Joe and first timers Vincent and my father in law Carl visiting from Ohio. Started out fishing the tail end of a downpour. Bounced around all morning to slow drift conditions picking through shorts and from time to time, a good keeper. My father-in law who never bucktailed before today managed two keepers and 7 shorts and still can’t believe he never lost a bucktail. Spent the day looking inshore and offshore for a drift and tried some power drifting. By days end, the guys put 8 Fluke to 7.5 lbs in the box and 10 Sea Bass.

2 thoughts on “July 04, 2012 Open Boat Fluke to 7.5lbs

  1. Great job once again by Capt. Alan and mate Ed for a productive day on the water. Always good to get out on the Netkeeper.

  2. Hay Alan Thnaks for posting me on your site. Had a great time. I did catch one bass but not a keeper.