July 1, 2012 Good Fluking and a Thresher

Had Joe and my mate Ed out today for another day of fishing in the deep. Started off picking a few keeper fish with my first keeper going 5.5lbs. Spent the rest of the morning weeding through the shorts. I continued to play with my ultra light set-up and around 10am I dropped a bucktail down. As soon as it hit bottom, it was picked up and drag pulled for about 2 seconds before it came off the bottom. I thought I had the doormat of doormats on. I could barely turn the crank on the Abu Revo SX reel. No head shakes or spin and it was coming up slowly until I was at a standstill then I started to think maybe I had snagged a line. It then made a run away from the boat alleviating all doubt about being hung in the bottom. After 25 minutes of battling and 2 breaches later we finally had the fish on deck. My bucktail snagged it ahead of the dorsal. Removed the bucktail and measured it. 36 inches to the fork it had to go back, no Thresher steaks for dinner tonight. Snapped some pictures and returned it to the water to fight another day. Still can’t believe the St Croix Avid / AVC66MF 10-17lb rod didn’t snap and the Abu Revo SX reel wasn’t spooled by the shark.

Back to the fluking we would continue to pick at keepers and shorts until the South wind came on strong and we headed back in. Joe, Ed and I would wind up boxing 4 each to 5.5lbs. Ed would also catch this 3.5lb knucklehead and a ling too. If we had a few more lines in the water, I’m sure we would have put quite a few more fish in the box. Nonetheless, Good times on the water today. Gotta give Ed the credit for the fluke clock idea.




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