June 23, 2012 Victor Monica PM Stripers & Blues

Tonight we had Victor Monica accompanied by Dan and Nick for a Striper Liveline trip. We headed back to where we fished the last 2 trips to wave after wave of Bunker Pods streaming in. Hoped on a pod that was spraying from time to time and Dan hooks up immediatedly and a minute into the fight is off. The missing hook would tell the tale as to what was on the other end of the line. We fished Pod after Pod, even made a jaunt out into the deep with no further takers. Around 7:30pm I saw no evidence that we were going to get a Bass here tonight so I offerred the guys an opportunity to go Bluefishing at a spot that also offers the potential for Striped Bass vs waiting it out. The last thing I wanted was for these guys to walk off the boat not catching a thing. Once there it didn’t take long for the Blues to start knocking. They started attacking the baits and for the next hour we had multiple hook-ups until the guys had their fill.

Unless night worming is good, we are done with the Striped Carp til fall….

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