June 10, 2012 Lito & Mike Rivera Bass & Mixed Bag

Today I had the Rivera’s, Hollywood Mike , Lito & Gage along with their friends Mike (aka “Dark Cloud”, sorry Mike) and Oresti (“O”). Left the dock today prepared to travel and travel we did. It was Mike’s time to get his big Bass and I wanted to make it happen. Quinn loaded the well and away we went. Ran down the beach to a mirror flat ocean and wound up a long way from home before we found the bait.

Hoped on a fishy pod and the livies went in. Hollywood pulled his personal best Bass at 30 pounds from it. Then we got covered up by the Blues. Bounced from pod to pod until Dark Cloud Mike hooks into a 23 pound bass and that would be all she wrote. On the way back home I hit a wreck where the guys added 17 Sea Bass and 5 Ling to box tossing back double that in shorts. Toy tog were also released too. One more stop to make a few drifts over the spot we ended on yesterday and added 2 keeper Fluke and tossed back a handful of shorts before heading to the barn.

A successful Mixed Bag catching 5 species within a single trip. Always a lot of fun when the Rivera’s are onboard. The best part about today was that we found the silver lining within the Dark Cloud.


2 thoughts on “June 10, 2012 Lito & Mike Rivera Bass & Mixed Bag

  1. hey thanks again captn! had an awesome time. got outfished by hollywood(damn) he was on fire tho. would’ve been tough… i’ll gettem next time. see you soon

  2. A big Thank You Alan for running half way around the world to get me my PB bass. We had a great time fishing with you as usuall. There are very few captains that would have done that. The ball busting was first class and we kept you on your toes…lol. Hey….even my black cloud broke his curse…that was worth the price of admission…lol