May 27, 2012 Charles Kuczynski Striper Liveline and Mixed Bag

Today Charles Kuczynski along his brother Peter, Jeffrey and his father, Bob, Wojciech and Kris joined us for a livelining charter. Peter starts our day walking onto the boat with a Banana. Unaware of the bad juju  this brings, he opted to eat it vs leaving it behind. With that out of the way off we went. Ed loaded us up on Bunker and in our travels South, we came across a Pod that was being harassed. In go the lines a few blues were pulled.  With no Bass, I went in search mode but we couldn’t find any Stripers. What a difference a day makes with the Blues, yesterday it was not safe to be a Bunker and today the Blues did not come out to play either. So, with the good bottom fishing we had the day before, I switched gears and went bottom fishing to try and send the guys home with some fillets.

Once on the anchor it was drop and reel fishing with lots of single and double headers of Sea Bass, toy togs and some ling being brought up. With a keeper ratio of 1 to 3, by days end the guys would fill the cooler with 28 Sea Bass and 3 ling. Peter was hot hand with the Sea Bass (Banana disaster averted?) and Jeff couldn’t escape the Toy togs. Hard to swallow another a Striper skunk today, but nonetheless it was a good time with Charles and crew catching 4 species in the same trip.

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