May 12, 2012 New Jersey Hunter Thomas Elefante Memorial Striperthon Tournament Liveline bass to 29pds

Kevin (Bayonne) & Joe (987654321) along with Kjell (Jerseyhunter), Romeo (TinosDad), Mike (Bayonnes friend) chartered us to form Team NETKEEPER for their annual New Jersey Hunters  Thomas Elefante Memorial Striperthon Tournament trip. With some good network info from Friday, I knew if we had any chance of catching something that would win the tournament, we’d have to go South.

Stocked the boat with some Clams for safe measure just in case the plan was a bust. Thankfully they never saw the light of day. Headed south to find a sea of Bunker. Ed filled the well easily and we pressed on. Mike leads us off with a fat 29lb Striper on the Shimano Baitrunner. He’d put a second on it later on.  Joe then hooks into a 25lb fish. Last year for Turkey Day we put him on his first ever keeper Stripers, and now he’s got his first and Personal Best Striper livelining. A good start.

Hopped from Pod to Pod mainly catching Blues with an occasional Striper in the mix. With plenty of blow ups around the baits and no takers it appeared to be little guys in the mix. Scratching my head as to why we couldn’t put more bass in the boat given the reads, then it became crystal clear. Romeo breaks out the Banana, completely unaware that having a banana along on a fishing trip represents some seriously bad juju. Even the bunker in the picture below was saying OH NO. Then we got on a good drift and the guys added 4 more to the box, Kevin putting the last one in before it was time to head for the barn and weigh in. Everyone had their limit except Romeo who unfortunately went Striper-less. Banana’s truth or myth, you be the judge.

With 1st & 2nd going to a pair of 33 pound fish, we fell short of the mark today but they guys gave it one heck of an effort putting 8 stripers in the box and keeping a few blues for table fare. With close to 200 pounds of fish in the box, the guys went home with plenty of meat. After last weeks Bluefish invasion, it was good to be on the Stripers again today. Always a good time with the New Jersey Hunter crew, looking forward to next year.

Click here to see Kevin’s Photos from the trip.

2 thoughts on “May 12, 2012 New Jersey Hunter Thomas Elefante Memorial Striperthon Tournament Liveline bass to 29pds

  1. was a great day of fishing alan as always you managed to put us on the fish you and ed did a great job thanks again and cant wait till next year for team netkeeper to give it hell

  2. Another awesome day of fishing on the Netkeeper. Thans to Capt Alan and Ed for making this a memorable day. Looking forward to this tournament again next year on Netkeeper .