May 05, 2012 Eric Bubenicek PM Bluefish Invasion

This afternoon we had the Eric Bubenicek Charter. After the lack of bass in the AM, I discussed our options with Eric. I could guarantee his 6 man group constant Bluefish action and maybe some Bass in the mix or I could go in another direction looking for Bass and it could be a long trip. The guys opted for the action.

On the way to where we had them in the morning, we came across a pod of Bunker so I opted to freshen the well and save the mornings bunker for chum. It was one through by Ed and the off again. Once on the grounds, it did not take long to get the Bluefish going. All afternoon we watched pod after pod of Bunkers pouring into the bay. There had to be some Bass with them I kept saying to myself. We couldn’t get through the blues nor could we manage a bass either. So I took a 10 mile ride to a spot that was good to us around the same time last season with the Bass. Once again we could not evade the blues and find the bass. The blues are all over the bay and its just not safe to be a Bunker.

Eric and his crew kept a few bluefish for table fare and released too many to keep count of. Add in the typical roasting and banter on top of the arm weary action and it was a fun trip. Thanks guys.

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