May 04, 2012 Robert Wemmlinger Bass & Blues Season Kick-off

Today we kicked off our season with the Robert Wemmlinger Charter. The plan today was to head West based on the reports of fish and bait. One throw by Dom and we were quickly done with making bait. Got setup on the anchor and started chunking. Had some Blues and a 15lb Bass on right away and thought we would have a good pick of Stripers mixed in this morning. A good start and everyone feeling good, that would be the last Bass we would see today as the Blues invaded in force. With the fish coming through in waves the action was fast and furious at times with 1-3 for most of the remainder of the trip  Not a good day to be a bunker. As the tide dropped out, so did the bite. With everyone arm weary, we headed for the barn. The dads and the boys boated and released well over 40 blues, keeping a few for table fare. We tried to fish a mix of wire and mono hooks to up the odds of catching a bass and not losing too many blues to bite offs. The smiles on the kids face left me invigorated and reinforced why I love doing this.

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