November 12, 2011 Long run for Striper Limits

Ran open boat Stripers today with Ian, James, Steve and Ed. I got tired of hearing about the great fishing all week far to the South of us and decided it was time for the NETKEEPER to make the run and get into the action. With the forecast degrading by afternoon, we had a morning window to make it happen. Left the dock at 5:30, turned the hook shortly thereafter and ran down the beach to a flat ocean.

Found a nice patch of birds with bass under them just short of our destination and put some nice keepers in the box before it was broken up. Continued further South and picked and plucked in spurts along the way. The guys easily jigged our limit with avas and soft plastics keeping 11 Stripers. We probably had double that in keeper releases. Caught upwards of 40 bass on the day with a mix of blues. Fished anywhere from inshore to just shy of the 3 mile line. When the wind came on we were in stacked 4 footers taking them over the bow while trying to chase the fish South so we retreated back inshore to calmer waters and picked away.

On the return trip made a quick stop on a piece for some Tog adding two keepers to the box and releasing a bunch of Toy togs before heading for home. The guys had a blast catching the bass on our Shimano Stradic and Teramar light tackle spin outfits. Green and Red tails on the AVAs also worked well.

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