July 17, 2011 Open Boat Fluke, 20 keepers to 7lbs

Today George, Joe, Gary and Jerry joined me for our Open Boat Fluke trip. The morning started out pretty good with 11 keepers in the box by noon and way too many 17″ fish going back. Decided to stay with it through the tide chsnge and pound the area hard for the rest of day. The afternoon was a grind for keepers and too many short to keep track of going back too. As the South wind came on strong later in the afternoon and the sea’s grew angrier, the bigger fish decided it was time to bite and that’s when Joe hooked into a 7lb keeper (on the boga 30) and Gary landed a 5lb keeper to join his 6lber from earlier in the day in the box. Half the crew dragged bait and the other half bucktailed. The guys each put 5 keepers in the box to end the day with 20 keepers and 7lb fish giving us a high noted to end the day on.  Not sure why we didn’t get them yesterday like we did today but nonetheless it was a good rebound. A lot of joking and wit on the water today made for some good entertainment and a really fun day.

On a side note George broke in his new Jets rod bucktailing a Bluefish. Hopefully not a bad omen… Leaving this one intentionally open ended and to the readers imagination.

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