June 26, 2011 Arthur Clemente PM Bass and Blues Charter

Hosted the Arthur Clemente Charter tonight accompanied by his son and employees to target Striped Bass and Bluefish. This trip was our toughest of the season. First, we covered more miles than we have had to on any trip; second it was the first time we had to resort to snagging bait this season as well. Between the Bunker being in the deep and the jellies keeping the net from sinking fast enough on the bait, it compounded the problem.

Fished the southern bunker pods without success. Couldn’t find the Stripers today but the Gator Bluefish did not disappoint and came out to play, providing non stop action. Wind against made it tough to chunk and cost us some fish. Stayed out an extra hour to compensate for the time lost making bait.

I think the proverbial Fat Lady has sung for us on our Striper Season and its time to target the Flatties after the good fishing we had this morning.

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