June 19, 2011 Tim Stanek Slow Father’s Day Bass and Blues

Today we hosted the Tim Stanek Party for a Father’s Day Bass and Blues trip. Filled the well quickly and then headed right back to where we had the bass and bluefish yesterday. Well after today, all I can say is what a difference a day makes. After yesterday’s Gator Bluefish invasion, I would have bet everything that we would have had another killer day with the Bluefish.

Well it did not happen.They guys managed 4 Blues and missed a bunch of run-offs before things went ice cold. Spent the next few hours searching for signs of life on what felt like a barren ocean with only one more Blue, sharks and skates to show for our efforts.

Tried to make it happen covering over 50 miles of ocean. Should have pulled the plug and went Fluking in hindsight. First Bass donut of the season is hard to swallow, the lack of Blues added insult to injury today and made it even harder. Once at the dock of course I got a call to run down the beach…

With the good comes the bad and as another captain once told me after a bad outing, today I know how it felt to be the Bug instead of the windshield.

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