June 10, 2011 Forward Think Group Liveline Stripers to 36lbs

Hosted Rob Shinbrot and his Forward Think Group team for their annual Trophy Striper Trip. Started the morning having to make bait twice due to a livewell pump failure. I carried a spare on board for just such an emergency and was able to install it in about 10 minutes but it delayed us 30 minutes.

Ran south to where we had been catching them only to be greeted by no drift. We went 1 for 2 on the first drop with a 36lb fish being landed. Being all alone, I thought it was game on and only going to get better. However it was short lived as we had action from only one Gator Blue. Hit some other spots fishing our way back to the North with no takers then finally, ran over some really good marks and had 2 shots at them with 4 guys being hooked up each time as quickly as the livies went it. The guys landed 5 of the 8 fish they hooked as these fish were angry brutes and some angler errors amidst the flurry broke them off. We chased the bait and birds until it was time to head for the barn, but had no further bites.

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