November 19, 2010 Bluefin Heartbreak

Joined my buddy John (semperfly) on his Parker and we went stalking the inshore Bluefin’s today. John did a great job chasing the fish down all day long and we were within 10 to 30ft of swirls and breaches all day long. Probably had a dozen shots at them. At the end of the day we got on a frenzied Pod and John hooked up but did not come tight. I then casted for a breaching Tuna and after an initial miss the fish came back and hit the lure 10ft from the stern of the boat and then it was Game On. First run the fish breached 100 yards from the boat. After a 10 minute fight the fish took off and ran the surface once again into the wind and current and the tail started beating on the leader and then cut through it, Game over. Based on where the leader broke, we estimated the fish to be around 48″. Oh well we learned a lot today for the next time…. Jigged a few Stripers, Blues and Spinys along the way too.

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