November 07, 2010 Daylight Savings Striper Limit with Hollywood Mike

With no takers for the Open Boat today, decided to have a fun trip. Made some quick calls and Hollywood Mike joined me. Figured the Bay would be fishable so decided to poke our nose out and found that it was in indeed very fishable. With no clams to be found, just went with Eels for bait. More fun anyway.

Received an ocean report from a network boat who was out ahead  that the conditions were not terrible (pic included) and so we shoved off to stiff Northerly winds and a 35 degree air temp. Covered the same Eel drops from Saturday with Hollywood grabbing the first two fish and nothing else coming from them. Tried a few other Spots and I dropped a nice fish and then came back later to try again and after a few runs during a prolonged fight, I f broke off a good fish in a 4 knot current that had required 14oz of Lead to hold bottom.

Returned to where we started the day and I finally boated two and Mike added another which we used a bonus tag on. Had to work really hard today for our two man limit and threw a fair amount of spray but nonethelss, still had a really good time all day long doing it and never needed to leave the bay. Ok, so I lied a little, I was misearble from the point I broke off the second fish until I finally caught my two and then forgot all about everything in the past… While Mike had me on total Stripers caught, at least my fish were still bigger for bragging rights.  The fish that had anything in their stomachs had either Mantis Shrimp or Multiple Eels.

BTW Mike forgot to set his clock back so he lost an hour of sleep, cough, cough, cough…  

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