Oct 24, 2010 Open Boat Stripers

Today I was joined by Steve, Carl & Charley on our Open Boat trip. Tried Eeling, Trolling & Jigging from the Tip of the Hook down to Deal and back. Started eeling with no takers. Guys did not want Troll so we left the trolling grounds and played run and gun on birds and marks working South. Managed to box 3 Stripers up to 36 1/2″ and a handful of Blues which were feeding on Rainfish. Marks were incredible under the boat at times and as quick as we would stop on them would be as quick as they were gone. Just plain frustrating. To compund that we were jigging and releasing nice sized keeper Sea Bass and Fluke, thanks NOAA, NMFS, ASMFC….Tried to end the day with some late afternoon blackfishing but Windlass would not cooperate while setting up and then totally siezed up so had to call it a day.

While closing down the boat, had to admire this awesome sunset before heading home.

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