October 17, 2010 Stripers & Tog Mixed Bag

We rescheduled today’s charter due to the NOAA forecast. Then it improved and it was too late to maintain the original Charter plans so I turned today into a fun trip. Accompanied by my mate Dom back from school for the weekend, Hollywood Mike and my maina neighbor John. Thought we might have a 3 hour window in the AM to eel but with a 3 knot+ drift, that killed that idea real quick so went looking for jig fish since I did not hear much from anyone clamming.Went searching away from fleet for Stripers and found lots of birds actively searching an area and decided to wait it out for something to happen. Glad we did, eventually the fish popped up on very small sand eels and we were able to chase them down 3 times with all of us hooking up on jigs and artificials each drift before we were found and then the fish were put down by other boats. We picked a few more fish but only one 30″ bass was boxed. Trolled the remainder of the morning landing more short bass.Over 20 Stripers were landed and released along with an assortment of Fluke, Sea Bass and way too many Sea Robins. Made a very long run South to go togging afterwards in the afternoon. Nobody wanted Porgys so we bypassed those grounds. Stopped on some birds which had plenty of cocktail blues under them so we released a few and kept on going. Once set-up, we had a slow pick landing about a dozen tog only keeping our 4 fish for the boat limit before it was time to pick up and head for home.

The surprise of the day was catching both a Striper and Fluke on the troll on the same rig. We also had a Fluke on the other rig at the same time. What made the story even better is that my mate Dom caught the rig pictured while we were bucktailing the Rocks this summer.

Forgot to charge the Camera batteries so was unable to take anything after the Troll shot. Good day on the water with some good friends.

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