August 8, 2010 PM Bottom Fishing Charter

Had a PM charter on Sunday 8/8 from 2 to 8. The charter arrived an hour late and we did not leave until after 3pm.

Given the hard southerly winds and swell. we discussed options. Catching a lot of fish was more important than keeping as they had been out with other boats and were contunally skunked. So I headed off to a rubble pile where we had our Sea Bass on Wed and set the hook. It did not disappont and as luck would have it the conditions did not shut the bite down. For the next two hours they had drop and reel Sea Bass, Tog & Silver Eel fishing until the bite shutoff. Headed back for the bay where we made a drop for some sunset Fluking before heading for the barn. Only manged to catch and release short Fluke. I could not go to where we fished on Saturday due to the conditions.

Sorry no names as the charter requested that I maintain their privacy and not publish personal details on the Internet. By nights end they had boxed almost two dozen sea bass including a 4# (not certified) fish and 1 Blackfish. They were very happy with the results.

There was a good showing of togs in the 10-12″ range with a couple of double headers coming on high low rigs. They also released 6 large silver eels.

Had to share this picture, a tog and silver eel hooked by the same hook.

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