July 18, 2010 Open Boat Fluke & Sea Bass

On Sunday, 7/18 I sailed Open Boat with George, Peter and newcomer Barry. Started in the bay with shorts, worked our way along the beach until we found a steady patch of fish on rough bottom. Unfortunately, it was drop and reel shorts again until we lost the tide. Moved to another snag that yielded some nice knuckleheads, no Fluke. Kept moving into deeper water trying to find a drift around lunchtime and eventually resorted to power drifting which resulted in picking more shorts and a keeper. A few more moves resulted in more shorts yet again. Quite a few 17 1/2 to just shy of 18″ fish went back. Tough day finding keepers.By days end the final tally was 2 Keeper Fluke, 11 Sea Bass, 1 Blackfish & a large Blue.On the way back to the barn, we passed the bug light and I came to aid 3 guys in a small boat waving their shirts. They said they had lost their fuel due to a fuel line issue and needed a couple of gallons to get back to AH. They also said they broke their radio mic and had no working cell phones to call for help. So I radioed the Coast Guard and Sea Tow, tossed them some water and headed for home leaving them safely on the anchor knowing Sea Tow was less than 15 minutes away and the conditions posed no harm. 

Back at the dock we continued to listen to the story unfold on the radio and it gets better. They expected to just be able to purchase gas from Sea Tow and refused Sea Tow Service as they also had no Credit Cards. Coast Guard from what I heard had no obligation to help them as they were not in peril so I have no idea how they eventually got home. Mulling it over, something just seemed fishy about the whole situation, No fuel, working radio, cell phones, credit cards & water (no cover either), Go Figure.
Today was tough to swallow, eagerly awaiting the rebound from this one.

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