May 31, 2010 PM Highlands return, Big Stripers to 40#

With some northern commitments for the upcoming weeks, I moved the boat back from Pt Pleasant to our home at Sandy Hook Bay Marina. I departed Clarks around 6pm and with red / stressed livies still in the well from our AM trip. Headed back to where we left them biting earlier in the day. With 1 rod in hand and 2 dead sticks, I went 6 for 10 with fish up to 40#. It took less than 3 minutes before I was hooked up and it was game on. All fish were released to fight another day. I tagged four for the ALS with fork tail length (not tip of tail) measurements of 43″, 2x at 41″ and one at 39″. The time spent tagging and reviving ate heavily into my fishing time but it was well worth it.While I am tagging I run the washdown hose through the fishes mouth to minimize the stress out of water.While in Pt Pleasant I stopped in at Kevin Bogans to pick up a new rod for one of my Avets which got a its first action and workout tonight. I boated a 43″ and 41″ (tagged, released & pictured with the rod) on the rod. Some real drag pullers fought tonight. What a way to cap off a great May bass run.I had 10 great days in Pt Pleasant capped off by some great fishing for my Clients and I. The hospitality and commraderie was top notch. Looking forward to doing this again.

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