May 15, 2010 Jeremiah Bustos Striper & Blues Charter

Left the dock at 5:30am with Jeremiah and friends Bill, Gail, Dave, Annette & Ed. Rounded the Hook and headed South. Started jigging under the birds, had 2 hook-ups but the fish came unbuttoned before we could see them. Marked fish between 20 – 40 feet so we put out the Trolling gear with the charter electing to keep only 8 of cookie cutter Stripers before going into release mode. The biggest bass was landed by Annette and was about 20lbs. Tried livelining but the bass wanted nothing to do with our 2 day penned livies. They wanted to try for Blues so we moved to the bay and went Chunking where we played and release with gator Blues up to 40″ (wish we had that one the day before) before heading for the barn. Great group of people who fished hard all day.

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