May 2, 2010 Insane Striper Fishing & Boat Limit

Had NetKeeper regulars Hollywood Mike (fishpro28) and Joe out along with mate Dom. Given the forecast, we shoved off at 5:30 with hopes to get the boxes filled early and be back before the wind and seas kicked up. Rounded the hook and headed down South where we ran into birds and hungry Bass feeding on rainfish. Broke out the jigs and it was game. The silver Stingo PBJ’s worked well today. Worked the school and was limited out by 7:30am playing catch and release with the fish until the boat traffic broke it up. What an adrenaline raiser.Went through a drought until noon including an attempt to pull stretch plugs. We then ran to net and snag Bunker which we chunked thereafter. Caught one 32″ keeper on the chunk and messed with Gator Blues in the 6-12lb range before calling it a day.Fish were not as big today as they were yesterday. I was bummed that we did not have a full six today, but nonetheless fished in good company. Felt great to be back in the saddle again….
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